List Season: My Favorite Songs of the Past Year, aka 2014


The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis. -Umberto Eco

I hurt my fuckin wrist tryina write all these lists. i’m writing all these lists doing donuts in the 6. –Michael Depland

Songs don’t have to marinate like albums do. They’re more immediate, visceral. Two to five minutes for the most part, quick lil dopamine hits delivered via your eardrums. They get the blood pumping, the body moving, the emotions flowing, whatever. There’s no fakery with songs you like, can’t think about it so hard you like it now or don’t like it anymore. It gets in you or it doesn’t, nothing more to say. These were mine:

Loudon Wainwright IIIHarlan County.

Can’t think of many songwriters who can crack you up and break your heart in the same two minutes, let alone the same god damned line, but there you go.

Future/Miley Cyrus/Mr. Hudson, Real and True.

Future is such a genius and his music is so searing and emotional that he erases all my baseline dislike of Miley Cyrus for four and a half minutes. I love this song, and Miley doesn’t detract from it at all–in fact, she sounds great here, poignant as fuck.

Adrian Marcel, 2AM.

Can’t believe a guy with hair like a little boy in a 30s comic strip made a song this fun but what do I know, nothing. Not sure what it is about this song that keeps me coming back to it, it’s just so…joyous I guess? I’ve rarely felt that triumphant at 2 AM, it’s nice to half remember half imagine what that feels like.

Weird Al Yankovic, Foil.

The left turn it takes for the second half is so…I’m giggling right now just thinking about it.

T-Pain, Royals (Remix).

Try and shit on their style while you steal their sound? Fuck you Lorde, you deserve this.

Tinashe2 On.

This is the kind of song that makes you feel like there’s a world you don’t know about, where life is dangerous and dark and interesting and everyone has hotter sex than you can imagine yourself having in your own life. Like if you were in a drug cartel party scene in an action movie praised for its “gritty realism” or some shit. An empty warehouse rave, neon black lights and glowing lipstick, glancing over her shoulder with coked up bedroom eyes, everything slow motion. Whoa.

Steve Duzz, Game of Thrones Main Theme (80’s Remix).

A must-have for every dance party. It’s even more fun if you imagine all the Game of Thrones in the 80s and 90s peeps tearing up the dance floor to it.

Taylor Swift, Shake It Off.

I’m not immune to T-Swift, especially not now that she’s teamed up with Max Martin. As a public figure I’m not fond of her, but you can’t fight songs like this.

RiFF RAFF, Tip Toe Wing In My Jawwdinz.

I used to like Katy Perry, but then she was rude to RiFF RAFF, took him to the VMAs as her date for a joke and ignored him the whole night. Rude.

D’Angelo, Sugah Daddy.


Fiona Apple, Container.

Yeah it’s the theme song for The Affair, so what? It’s Fiona fucking Apple, Showtime is not fucking around with this shit.

Wye Oak, Shriek.

This is the title track for a reason.

Julia Holter, Hello Stranger (Live).

Feel yourself rising, bubbling up through the clouds and you see how lonely and desolate it is up there, all empty air and darkness and far off lights. Still, you don’t want to ever come down.

Sia, Chandelier.

Song of the year, easy.

So that’s the list, it’s been a good year. Five certified undeniable god damned geniuses on here (Weird Al, Fiona Apple, Sia, Future, Max Martin) and the rest ain’t no slouches neither. Yeah it’s got a few items from 2013. I heard them late or whatever, fuck off I don’t have to justify my list rules to you.


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