List Season: My Favorite TV Shows of 2014


“The list could surely go on, and there is nothing more wonderful than a list, instrument of wondrous hypotyposis.”

Tonight it’s my favorite TV shows from this year. TV lists don’t need to marinate like music lists, because, uh… [inaudible]

So anyway here’s the best shit out there according to me, screaming into the void and praying I don’t hear echoes or answers. Top Five again but I’m starting with the unranked best this time because there’s more of them.


  • Hannibal. Scary shit, gorgeous violence, cool soundtrack, Mads Mikkelsen stonefacing. This is a stupid thing to say but it actually feels like a bad dream, no shit. In the best way, though. I love it.
  • Orange is the New Black. It lives up to the hype.
  • Blackish. Oh so your warm memories of The Cosby Show are ruined now that you know he’s a serial rapist? Well you’re in luck because Blackish took up the network-sitcom-about-an-upper-middle-class-black-family mantle just in time. It’s the most obvious hack comparison to make but hey, there’s a reason I don’t get paid for this. I’m pretty sure Lawrence Fishburne made them kill him off on Hannibal just so he could join this show and have the most fun he’s ever had in a role.
  • The Walking Dead. Hey, I’m just like everybody else in most ways. All bets are off next year if Glenn dies though.
  • Veep. Who doesn’t love Veep?
  • Game of Thrones. I’m same as all the rest.
  • Outlander. I don’t know.


5. Review. Andy Daly as a reviewer of life experiences. Comedy is about commitment. So is this show.

4. The Americans. I remember the feeling I had in the early seasons of Breaking Bad when we didn’t know whether it would go on another season so every episode you were just like “oh shit oh shit oh shit fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit AH OH GOD” and I get the same kinda feelings with this show.

3. Fargo. Do I really need to explain myself on this one? I don’t want to so I won’t. Yall all already know.

2. Broad City. UH NO DOYYYYY be real. [fart]

1. The Knick. Clive Owen’s patient (a pregnant woman) graphically dies on the operating table, his mentor shoots himself in the head, and a nurse injects liquid cocaine into his dick. This all happens in the first ten minutes of the pilot.


It don’t stop at The Knick! I got to save the REAL best for dead last. For me, that’s Rick and Morty. Just watch the interdimensional TV episode and you’ll understand. S01E08, shoutout to my torrentheads.


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