Xavier De Rosnay: Best Player in England?

I’m new here, but I don’t think I’m overstretching my bounds by putting the Toblerone Jones stamp of approval on Xavier de Rosnay, because Xavier De Rosnay is really good you guys! Who would have thought? I didn’t even know he played.

I mean, I knew he was good at other things.  was really huge for a while. House music really needed something like that, even if the best parts were only the best parts because they reminded us of Daft Punk. Repackaging American culture like that and releasing it as incredible club bangers was exactly what the music world needed. It was globalization used right.

Then I saw Xavier out there last weekend for Manchester City and I was impressed again. Seriously, this guy is incredible. Now that Fabregas has chased dreams of blue and red European domination I think Xavier may be the best play-maker in the Premiership. His ability to create with the ball at his feet is incredibly rare, and his run making off the ball is as good as anybody in his position. He’s able to create a play from nothing, with just his pace and his foot speed.

He’s so light on his feet, it’s like he’s not even standing on the same field. He’s so shifty, he plays like a billow of smoke. He’s right there in front of you, and then when you reach for him he doesn’t so much sneak around your fingers as he fills them up and leaves them empty. And all of this goes without mentioning his vision.

I guess in a way, it’s how you’d imagine an influential French DJ to play.

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