The Nickname Game

A long time ago, your friendly neighborhood vuvuzela soloist read a quotes-led article in which England and Chelsea captain/aquatic life-form John Terry casually referred to players by his chosen nicknames for them, and a beautiful game was born. This is the Nickname Game.

It has been some time since the last significant development in our ongoing investigation. But patience, in the end, persevered, as it must, paradigmatically. Revelations!

The recently uncovered nicknames:

  • Ashley Cole – Ash
  • Didier Drogba – Diddler*
  • Frank Lampard – Lamps*

*An earlier article in our long-term deep reporting project, about Captain John “The Captain” Terry’s nicknames for people he knows, erroneously stated that Didier Drogba’s and Frank Lampard’s nicknames were, respectively, “Baggy” and “Lampy.” New information obtained in the process of covering this continuing saga provided adequate cause for revision of that initial ascertainment. Captain Terry’s correct nicknames for Mr. Drogba and Mr. Lampard are as stated above. We disregard the errors and any wrongful deaths they may have caused.


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